Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Behind the Bed Wall Decor

My boyfriend and I moved in together at the beginning of last year. When it came time to decorate our apartment we decided that we didn't like much of the wall decor that was out there to buy, so we decided to make our own. This is what we made to go on the wall behind our bed:

I came up with the idea that I wanted something that looked like a picture that was broken apart. I also wanted something simple and something that would match our bedspread.

Here is a picture of our bed:

I liked the vine design on our bed and wanted something that flowed with it. So I came up with the vine concept of more vines at the bottom and less at the top. The bedspread is blue and the walls are a matching blue and we have been using gray accents (our curtains are a medium gray). Therefore, we decided to paint the background gray with black and white vines, since those are nice neutral colors. 

This is how we made the decor:

What you need:
  • Canvas blocks what ever size and shape you want your final picture 
  • Paint (we used acrylic)
  • Paint brushes
  • Pencil

I knew I wanted the overall picture to be a large square, so we used 9, 10x10 inch canvas blocks from Hobby Lobby (waited till they went on sale, of course!). 

Let me say here that my wonderful boyfriend was the one who made this, I just had the idea.

Anyways, first he painted all the canvas blocks a dark gray color. He let these dry fully for awhile (try 2 months!). 

Next he drew the vine design with a pencil. Then he filled in the lines by painting the black vines first then the white vines.  

I do have to say that I LOVE the way it came out! I think it goes very nicely with our bedspread.

If we can make this, then someone with more of an artistic ability could create something awesome. This really was not that expensive or time consuming (my boyfriend can just be lazy) and it came out looking like something we bought. So use your imagination and create something fantastic!


  1. I like it a lot Stephanie! I have bought a bunch of these canvases planning on painting them, covering them with fabric or covering them with decopauged paper. I plan on putting them above our bed too! I need to get on it :) Thanks for linking up with Scout's Sweet Sundays!

  2. I think that looks awesome. Perfect for over the bed. Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

  3. I like it a lot! Glad to have you at Things I've Done Thursday!

  4. How creative! This looks great! I love original art, Thank you for sharing!

    Bonnie @ uncommon