Monday, February 13, 2012

Paper Leaves Display

In our apartment, we wanted to fill some dead space in our upstairs hallway. I had a small table to put there, but nothing to put on it. Then I one day I found this paper scrap tree online and I thought something like that would fill our dead space nicely. Here is how we (Chris helped!) made ours:

What you need:
  • Fake (or real) branches
  • Lot of paper (whatever color/s you like!)
  • Scissors
  • Wire (I can't remember the size, but small like 24 maybe?)
  • Glue (we used glue sticks)
  • News paper
  • Pencil
  • Vase

First, we created leaf designs by drawing on our paper. We created many different sized leaves and didn't care about being super fancy with our designs.

Then we cut out the designs making sure we had duplicates of each design. This is important because you need two identical leaf cut outs for one leaf. 

Next, we cut our wire in half. Then we took stick glue and spread the glue on both pieces of one leaf (mirroring them). Then we sandwiched the wire in the middle of the two paper leaf cut outs.

Once all the leaves were done, we took the branches and striped them of their current leaves (I could only find branches at Hobby Lobby that already had leaves on them). 

Then we took our vase and stuffed news paper in it so the branches wouldn't move around.

Next we stuck the branches in the vase and put the leaves on the branches. We did this by wrapping the wire around the branches. We varied our wrapping, the size of leave, and color of leave to what we liked. And in no time we were done!

I put the vase on the little table along with a picture and voila!... the dead space in the hallway was now filled.

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