Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Fact Stars

I originally found the idea for these stars on this blog. She used them to write self encouragement phrases. When I saw them I thought... Fun Fact Stars!!! So I made some stars and wrote little fun facts in them. I put the finished stars in a jar in our spare bathroom for when guest come over. They see a jar that says "Please Take One and Open". They open up a star and read a random fun fact. I think they are good conversation starters, plus Chris and I like to be random. :)

What you need:
  • Paper (you can use scrap book paper of any size and color/pattern)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil

What you need

First cut your paper in to 1/2 inch strips (make a whole bunch in lots of fun colors and patterns). Taking one end, loop the strip around back onto itself (photos 2 & 3).

Now take the long, free end of the strip and put it inside the loop you just made (photos 1 & 2). Carefully pull the ends tight and flatten the paper (photo 3).

Take the short end and fold it so it lines up with the far edge (photo 1). If the strip is longer than the fold, rip a little bit off (photo 2). Then tuck the strip into the fold (photos 3 & 4).

What you have should now look like this:

Now flip it over.

You can tell the difference between the two sides by looking at the fold. One side has a fold that makes a line and the other side has a fold that makes a V. 

The V side is what is going to go on the inside of your completely folded star. This is the side that I wrote my fun facts on.

This is a star that was folded then unfolded... so it may look a little bumpy.

Once you have what you want written (if you want to write something on the inside of the star), you are ready to finish the folding of the star.

Hold the star with the long strip (unfolded part) pointing towards you (folded part at the top). Fold the long strip over the folded part, lining the edge of the strip to the right edge of the folded part (photo 1 & 2). 

Now fold the long strip over the top of the folded part (photo 3). 

Continue folding by flipping the star over and lining the edge of the long strip with the left edge (photo 4).

Continue folding, alternating the sides you line the edge up to, till you reach the end and can fold no more. 

Tuck the remaining strip into the folded line, like you did before (photo 1 & 2). If the strip is a little too long you can rip it again.

There, now your star is completely folded!

This next part was the hardest for me... giving the star the 3D look.

Hold your star by the corner. Kind of pinch the corner and push the corner in till the folded edges pop out (photo 1).

This is kind of weird. I recommend practicing it to figure out what technique works best for you. I had to change how I hold it when I learned how to make these

Now you have a cute little 3D star (photo 2)!

I made a whole bunch in colors that matched the extra bathroom. It was really fun looking up all the fun facts to put in them :). 

I then decorated a jar and put the label on top saying "Please Take One & Open". 

And you know what... people do open them when they come over! I love them and I hope you do too!

If these instructions are too confusing for you to follow please check out this video, where I learned how to make them.

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