Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chalkboard Labels

I'm sure you are reading this title and saying "Chalkboard labels? Come on Stephanie, we already know how to make those... just use your Silhouette or Cricut." Well, you know what ... I don't have one! But oh man, I would soooooo love one. I just can't really afford one right now... but we must have dreams. {If you would like to donate one to me, I will not object ; ),  just kidding!}

Since I don't have a Silhouette or Circut I thought I would make my own labels by buying chalkboard vinyl and using corner punches to make a pretty design. I knew chalkboard vinyl existed by reading other blogs, so I set off for Hobby Lobby to find some. I searched and searched, but could not find any chalkboard vinyl {which, by the way, I was in there this week, looking for something else, and I found some! Go figure, right?!}. Desperate, I thought about what I could do... I knew that I could buy some online but I didn't want to wait that long. Instead I found plain white vinyl and chalkboard paint at Hobby Lobby and thought "Well this should work and if not, hey, now I have chalkboard paint!"

Actually, spray painting the white vinyl with the chalkboard paint turned out to work super well. Here I will show you:

What you need:
  • Corner Punch
  • White vinyl {or if you are lucky chalkboard vinyl!}
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Chalk

First, cut your vinyl into squares or rectangles of the desired size, depending on what you are labeling {I labeled mason jars, of course!}.

Next, punch a pretty designs into the corners using your corner punches.

Now spray paint your cut out labels with the chalkboard paint. I always use my spray paint box for these types projects and I love it! It always keeps the mess contained.

Wow they are looking good!

The last step is to cover the whole surface with chalk and you are finished!

To write on the labels I initially used normal chalk which worked fine but did not give the look I was after. It wasn't till I was reading a post from Infarrantly Creative that I discovered Chalk Ink! In this post she mentioned using chalk ink on her chalkboard calendar and I thought "This is what I need!!" So obviously I went to Hobby Lobby the next day and I found some! The chalk ink gave me the finished look I was after.

I love how they turned out. {The handwriting is my sister's, incase you were wondering. I don't really care for mine.}

These labeled mason jars are a part of my craft storage for my craft corner. I will reveal my craft corner at a later date, after I show you all more of my craft storage DIY. Look forward to it!

I hope you all liked my weird, round about way of making chalkboard labels. Yes, it would have been much easier to make them using a Silhouette or Circut and chalkboard vinyl, but I had fun making them this way. It allowed me to really utilize my crafty, DIY abilities!

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