Monday, October 1, 2012

Dishwasher Sign

Are you always asking the members of your household if the dishes are clean or dirty? I am! It gets real annoying when boyfriend {aka Chris} isn't home. Then I have to do the good ol' smell test. Although most of the time I don't rely on the smell test and run them anyway.

Side story: So I actually call Chris boyfriend most of the time at home. This stems from when we first started dating. We initially met at a bar, I know, not very romantic. I was with my sister and her best friend and he was with his group of guy friends he has known his whole life. Anyway, our groups became friends and six months later he and I started talking or dating or whatever you call it... going steady... ha! Well, because we were friends first I called him by what all of his friends call him by: Porter {his last name}. When we started dating I didn't want to call him Porter because, well, someday I may be a Porter. And calling him Chris was too weird at first, so hence boyfriend. Even though calling him Chris isn't weird anymore, boyfriend has kind of stuck. He calls me girlfriend too...

Anyways, back to the real subject of this post. I wanted a way to keep track if the dishes were clean or dirty. At first I had this great idea of making some type of magnet that you could rotate 180 degrees and to say clean or dirty. But unfortunately when I went to see if a magnet would stick on the dishwasher, the only place it would stick was here:

Bummer right! {That is an Ohio State magnet, by the way. Go Bucks! : ) }. So I had to think of a new plan... enter the sign.

What you need:
  • Sign
  • Cheap Frame
  • Dry Erase Marker

Really that is all you need... easiest project ever!

First, I made a sign. You can use mine if you like it or you could make your own!

Then, I put my sign in a cheap frame from Dollar Tree. When I say cheep I mean cheep... one dollar. But it kind of looks like a cheep frame and I'm not sure if I am liking that. I may need to find a new, not as cheep but still cheep frame : / .

I used a dry erase marker to make a circle around clean or dirty, depending on the state of my dishes.

I am loving this sign! It fits perfectly in the spot above and to the side of the dishwasher.

Now hopefully Chris uses it and there will no longer be any confusion!


  1. Super cute sign!!! And the chevron is perfect :)

  2. Great idea, my husband and I always have to ask each other if the dishes are dirty or clean. I'm visiting your from Sumo's Sweet Stuff Linky Party. I am your newest follower on GFC and would love if you could come visit me too at Have a great weekend!