Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday! We have had a very nice Christmas. This year my mom, dad, sister, and I celebrated Christmas on December 22nd. My sister has to work today, so we moved Christmas up a bit. It actually worked out nicely, allowing me to spend time with Chris's family today. We were also able to visit my parents (and sister before she went to work) today, too.

I'd thought today I would give you guys a home tour of my Christmas decorations.

First up we have our Christmas tree.

Very tall and skinny, I know. It is a fake tree, but someday when Chris and I have a family, I would like to get a real tree each year. That is what my family and I always did and I wish to continue the tradition with my family. 

My tree is not a themed tree, but more of a hodge-podge tree. Most of the ornaments are my childhood ornaments that I inherited from my mom (she has a themed tree now a days). Here are a few examples of the ornaments.

1) This one I made when I was 5 or 6 in school.
2) This is another one I made in girl scouts, we sang christmas carols in nursing homes and gave out those bells.
3) My grandmother (mom's mom) gave me this one (see Bernard from The Rescuers in the corner!).
4) My grandmother (dad's mom) made us this one.

When we have a family I hope to continue the hodge-podge tree, adding ornaments that our kids make and our friends and family give us. Although... it would be fun to have a themed tree. Maybe we will have two? : )

As much as I love my hodge-podge tree there are a few things I would like to update.

Currently we have a big red star as the topper but I don't care for it. As kids we had an angel, but she is old and kind of creepy, so I don't want to use her either. I'm thinking I'll make a new topper...

Also the tree skirt is pretty bad. I don't have it pictured but imagine a hand-me-down from my mom of fishing bears on a snowy scene. Not really me. Something else I'll probably make....

Hopefully next year I'll be able to show you some new additions.

Continuing with the tour.

This is our living room when you are sitting on the couch. The Christmas tree is on the left, next to the couch. 

Here is our dinning room. You may notice my ornament tree. Next to it is glass container with more ornaments and some linen wrapped balls. I also have my O Christmas tree printable and my reindeer that I bought from target. 

Finally, my table center piece. The table runner is something simple I made and the center piece is another one of my ornament trees. I would like a little more for the center... maybe next year!

There you have it. Once again Merry Christmas!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas- xo Diana

    1. Thank you. I hope you had a great one too!