Friday, January 25, 2013

Canvas Photos Wall Display

As I mentioned before, I made a couple Christmas gifts this year. One being the Puzzle Photo Blocks that I talked about last week. The other gift I will talk about today.

Browsing around on Pinterst over the holidays lead me to this pin of a beautiful wedding canvas photo display. I had the perfect idea of how I could turn this into a gift for my mom. Now all I had to figure out was how to make a canvas photo! Luckily I stumbled across this post from Little Bit Funky explaining how to make a canvas photo using tissue paper.

With my sister's help, we created these for our mom:

Obviously they are canvas photo tributes to our old pets. I will explain the back story: we had dogs growing up. It started with Amber she was a chow chow mix that we had gotten from our neighbor. The husband of our neighbor used to beat Amber and when the neighbors got a divorce the wife didn't really want her any longer. Our neighbor knew that my sister and I loved Amber, because when we came over to play with her daughters we always ended up playing with Amber. So anyways we adopted Amber, on Christmas day actually! {It was one of those strange, 60 degree Christmas days.}

A few years later Amber became pregnant. We were never sure who the dad was, probably some stray mutt. She had a pretty big litter, but my parents did not want to keep all of the puppies. So we gave away them away. My parents did end up letting us keep the last puppy. That puppy turned out to be Dodger.

For the longest time we just had Amber and Dodger. Amber was a very pretty, but temperamental dog. Since she had been beaten young she would occasionally snap, but only when you startled her. My mom worked a lot with her and we knew how to treat her. She turned into a sweetheart. Dodger was the biggest goof ball. He wasn't the smartest, but we still loved him. I never once saw him bite anyone, he was a big pushover.

When Dodger was 10, he and Amber escaped the fenced in yard {to attack the neighbor's chickens, actually!}. Come to find out, he also impregnated a neighbor dog. The neighbor dog was this little terrier and with Dodger being so big, we weren't sure what the puppies were going to be like! But they turned out pretty cute. My mom took the only boy of the litter and named him DJ, Dodger Jr.

And that is how we ended up with 3 generations of dogs:  Amber {grandma}, Dodger {dad}, and DJ {son}.

Amber & Dodger

{It was nearly impossible to get a good picture of all 3 of them together!}

Amber passed away a few years ago and Dodger passed away this past summer. They were definitely part of the family and we all miss them very much.

That is why I wanted to make something using photos of Amber and Dodger, not only to give to my mom but also something so we all can remember them. And the canvas photos idea was perfect!

Here is how my sister {Sam} and I made them.

What you need:

  • Canvas
  • Tissue Papers
  • Photos/Printer
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge Brush
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun
First step is to print the photos to be displayed on tissue paper. We did this by, first, ironing tissue paper.

Then cutting the tissue paper to regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper size and taping it to regular printer paper. We learned {through trial and error} that this was the best way to get the tissue paper to feed through our printer.

Next we printed out the photos onto the tissue paper.

After letting the tissue paper photos to dry for awhile {like a day!} we mod podged the photos onto the canvas.

{Be very gentle on this step, the tissue paper is very delicate.}

Once all the photos were mod podged and dried we attached them to a ribbon using a hot glue gun.

We also made a canvas that only had their names. I printed out the names in the font that we wanted onto regular paper. Sam then traced the names using a thick pen onto tissue paper. Then using the tissue paper, traced the names on the canvas. After the transfer, Sam traced over the names on the canvas to darken the letters. To finish we hot glued thin black ribbon onto the canvas to add a little detail. {Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the canvas names steps. :( }

We love how they turned out! My mom almost cried!


  1. Those turned out great- I'm betting your Mom did shed a few tears. What a wonderful gift- xo Diana

  2. Just perfect because I won't be needing any nails for this. I could easily do a wall photo collage when I have a free time and of course, the best part is that I can do it all by myself. :)