Monday, February 25, 2013

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Chris and I like to read magazines, but they always seem to end up in random places when we are finished reading them. I feel like just throwing them away after we read them is a waste - some of those magazines {like my crafty ones} cost a pretty penny! For some reason I've always wanted to place our old magazines in the bathroom {so guests and us can have reading material?}. I haven't been quite sure about how I was going to accomplish this, as there isn't enough room in the bathroom for a stand alone rack - till one day, the light bulb turned on, and I had a plan!

What you need:

  • Document holder {I bought mine from Target - of course!}
  • Double sided tape

First, I placed copious amounts of double sided tape to the back of the document holder.

Then I adhered the holder to the side of our vanity in the bathroom. Boom. Done!

I used the double sided tape because we rent this place and I didn't want it to be permeant {although it may, depending on how strong the tape is}. After I adhered it to the vanity I came up with another attachment idea - use command hooks. See the holder has these nice eyelets for attachment, which I completely disregard : ). I may use the command hooks if the tape doesn't prove strong enough.

Thus far it is working great and is exactly what I had pictured!


  1. Great use of a document holder but let us know how the use of double sticky tape to hold magazines work--that could be heavy. Also want to know how that holds up in a room that can get pretty steamy.

    1. So far, 2 months later, it's holding up really well. It isn't completely stuffed but pretty full. This bathroom is only a half bath, so no shower. I don't think it would have lasted with a shower!