Monday, February 18, 2013

Sewn Towels Display

In bathrooms I like to use the towel rod for a pretty towel display, with towels you don't actually use, of course. Chris thinks differently, he would rather use the rod for drying towels we use. But I usually win these type of debates. Plus he tells me he doesn't really care that much.

For years I have just been placing towels one on top of the other on the rod. Hoping they will stay. Most of the time they eventually fall off. Two years ago, I thought I got smart. I pinned the towels around the rod and together. Unfortunately you could tell where I had pined them by a dimple that had appeared due to the weight on the pin.

I needed a better solution... Sew Them!

I recently have been sewing a lot and thought why not sew the towels together. If I didn't like it I could always cut the thread. So I tried it out and loved it! Here is what I did...

What you need:
  • Towels 
  • Needle
  • Thread {colors that correspond to your towels}
{Please note: when I mention sewing it means hand sewn. I figured towels would be too thick for my sewing machine, but don't let me stop you from using a machine.}

I, personally, like the look of three towels, but everyone is different.

I first took my middle towel, folded it how I liked, and sewed the four corners.

Next using the smallest towel, I folded it and attached it to the middle towel by sewing the four corners.

After that I arranged the largest towel and sewed the four corners {are you seeing a sewing pattern here? ; ) }.

Then I laid the two towels that I had sewn together earlier on top of the largest towel. I attached all the towels together by sewing the middle towel to the largest towel.

Finally, I wrapped the towels around the rod and sewed to secure them.

I was surprised by how well it actually worked! I can see the places where the towels were sewn together, but I doubt anyone else can. I hope this helps someone else with their towel display frustrations!


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