Friday, March 29, 2013

Hydrangea Centerpiece

Last Friday I shared with you all my new spring wreath. When I bought the hydrangeas for the wreath, I bought enough for a centerpiece on my dinning room table. This is what they look like:

Today's post isn't really going to be a tutorial but more of a "what not to do when painting vases".

I have a bunch of random, clear vases and I thought it would be a fun idea to paint them all white. I didn't want to spray paint them, as I've already done that here. Instead I wanted to paint the insides white, to give a different look.

My first attempt didn't work out well. I bought what I thought was white glass paint, but when I was painting it onto the vases it wasn't looking too white. Come to find out it was glass frost!

Okay. So I went back to the store and made sure I got white paint. This time when I painted it on to my vases it looked white.

Alright, now we are getting somewhere. They were looking great wet. I had high hopes this was going to work.... ha!

After I painted them I let them dry for a few hours then baked them in the oven.

While they were baking, I started to smell something bad. I rush to the oven to find it smoking a little bit. I pull out my vases and the paint was bubbling! Uh-oh, I did something wrong : / .

Turns out I was following the baking directions of the frost paint, not the white paint!  The frost paint said let dry for a few hours then bake. The white paint said dry for 4 DAYS then bake. Whoops!

I was still determined to make these vases work! So I tried to peel way the bubbled paint, then re-paint them. But to no avail. It was hard to reach all the bubbles in the skinner vases and painting over didn't really improve anything.

Here is my peeling attempt:

Pretty awful. : /

After that I broke down and spray painted them instead. Whatever. They are done.

I'm not giving up though, I'm still going to paint the inside of some vases. Hopefully soon....

These vases still turned out nice, just not the look I was going for.

I  do like my centerpiece, it's very spring. I especially love the tray I found at Target!

Have you had any botch project you were able to salvage?


  1. Well, They turned out cute in spite of all the trouble they gave you! Don't you hate when things like that happen?~ xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I do hate it when such things happen, but at least they weren't a total waste!

  2. Oh my, haha! But I like when bloggers share crafting fails.. I am not alone!
    I actually tried painting vases a couple of week ago..but realized I didn't have enough paint!
    Beth @ The First Year Blog

    1. I have lots of fails, you are definitely not alone! That's too fun that you ran out of paint! I hope you were able to finish your project.