Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monthly Recap {March 2013}

Welp, it is now April. I'm actually kind of looking forward to April. It means spring is really here and hopefully the weather will be getting nicer. Also, I want to have a garden this year and April is when I'm going to prep my beds... but more on that later. : )

If you are a new follower or have missed a post or two here a recap of what I was up to in March.

In March, I started a new series that I'm pretty excited about:

I also shared with you some household organization:

March meant spring-time, so despite of the still wintery weather, I decorated for the spring season:

In March, I also made a couple holiday themed crafts {if you count St. Patties as a holiday}:



  1. I love love love Hydrangeas. My grandmother had them growing in her yard when I was little. I have a giant antique tool tote that I want to fill with them and put in the fireplace for the Spring and Summer.

    1. I've recently developed a love for Hydrangeas too! I'm going to maybe attempt to grow some this year {I'm starting my first garden!}. Well see how it goes though! I love the idea of putting them in a tool tote. I be it looks great!