Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing Mondays - Button Pouch

To help encourage myself to practice sewing as much as I can, I came up with "Sewing Mondays". This will be a chance for me to show you all the tutorials I have tried, my resulting product, and what I thought of the tutorial {I promise all comments will be nice!}. Maybe I will even become proficient enough to post my own tutorials! {Baby steps first, though.} To start out, I'll post a Sewing Mondays post every other week, but if I really get the sewing fever, maybe I'll post every week!

This week's Sewing Mondays tutorial is the Button Pouch from Crafting in the Rain.

I loved this pattern. Steph did a great job as it was very clear and easy to follow. 

It was also great because you only needed a little bit of fabric and it was a quick project. 

This project was fun because it challenged me to make my first button hole.  By following the instructions in my sewing machine manual I found that making a button hole was pretty easy. 

My pouch did not turn out perfect like Steph's, however. My lack of experience came out again, this time on my cutting skills.

Definitely not even. You can really see my linner fabric. 

Yikes! I guess accurate measuring really does count : / .

My actual sewing is getting better though. My lines were nice and straight this time.

I really did like this tutorial. It was fast and easy, plus I learned how to make a button hole.

This would be a great tutorial for anyone learning to sew. I especially think it would be perfect for a little girl. {As a little girl I always loved little pouch like this... actually I still do!} You could even add a strap to make it into a mini purse!

Thanks Steph for this great tutorial! Since I featured you feel free to grab the button below:

If anyone has a tutorial they would like me to try {and maybe feature!} please leave a link in the comments! 


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