Monday, April 15, 2013

Sewing Mondays - Fat Quarter Tote Bag

To help encourage myself to practice sewing as much as I can, I came up with "Sewing Mondays". This will be a chance for me to show you all the tutorials I have tried, my resulting product, and what I thought of the tutorial {I promise all comments will be nice!}. Maybe I will even become proficient enough to post my own tutorials! {Baby steps first, though.} To start out, I'll post a Sewing Mondays post every other week, but if I really get the sewing fever, maybe I'll post every week!

This week's Sewing Mondays tutorial is the Fat Quarter Tote Bag from Cicada Daydream:

I have to say I love this tutorial and I am very proud of my resulting bag!!! I finally sewed something well!

Look how pretty my little bag is. I can proudly say that I made no mistakes {that I could find, anyway}! 

Michelle's tutorial was very easy to follow. The hardest part was making the boxed bottom. I had never made a boxed bottom before this project. But with Michelle's tutorial I figured it out in no time.

What I love most about this little tote is the inside liner. It makes for a nice finished piece.

Thanks Michelle for this great tutorial! Since I featured you feel free to grab the button below:

If anyone has a tutorial they would like me to try {and maybe feature!} please leave a link in the comments! 



  1. I made some split leggings for my baby girl, that maybe you can check out:

  2. This is SUPER cute! :) I would love to make one of these!

    Thanks for joining the Blog Hop this week! :)