Friday, June 28, 2013

Correcting a Painted Spelling Error

Okay, so I'm a little embarrassed. The project I shared with you all last week (Painted Poem Wall Decor) ended up having a spelling error! : / My sister actually brought it to my attention. I didn't catch the error at all! Though out the whole project I didn't see that mistake. That just shows you how bad of a speller I am.

It's true, I am a really bad speller. Spelling in school was always a huge problem for me. My teachers were pretty baffled as to why spelling was hard for me because I'm avid reader. Each year I do improve, but I'm still pretty bad. Thank goodness for spell check or I may not have made it through high school and college!

If you didn't see the mistake, here it is:

Ah! I'm so oblivious sometimes! 

Here is how I fixed this spelling error:

What you need:
  • Tissue paper
  • Pen
  • Paint 
  • Paint brush

First I copied the two letters onto my tissue paper. 

Then I painted over the spelling mistake with the same color as the background.

Once the  paint was dry, I arranged the tissue paper with the letters over the now blank space. I then traced the letter a few times with a pen, pressing hard.

This gave me a nice outline of the letters.

Finally, I painted the new letters white.

Here is the corrected painting!

It looks much better!

I did have a little issue with the ink running and showing through the white paint. If I had to do this over again, I'd probably use a pencil.

It does look much better with the correct spelling, though!

Luckily my painting was such that this turned out to be an easy fix. Have you made a mistake in a project that you were able to fix? I'd love to hear about it!


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