Monday, July 29, 2013

Sewing Mondays - Knotted Headband

To help encourage myself to practice sewing as much as I can, I came up with "Sewing Mondays". This will be a chance for me to show you all the tutorials I have tried, my resulting product, and what I thought of the tutorial {I promise all comments will be nice!}. Maybe I will even become proficient enough to post my own tutorials! {Baby steps first, though.} To start out, I'll post a Sewing Mondays post every other week, but if I really get the sewing fever, maybe I'll post every week!

Hey all, I'm back! It's Monday which means I have a new Sewing Mondays for you all. This week's Sewing Monday tutorial is the Knotted Jersey Headband from DIY Confessions.

This type of headband has been all over Pinterest lately. Have you seen them? I sure have and I love the look of them!

Ceara's tutorial was great to follow. She shows in detail how to create the knot for this headband. The tutorial was very easy to follow and I had no problems creating the knot.

I did change the end of the tutorial a bit. Ceara's tutorial has you finish the headband using hot glue but instead, I sewed mine. Here is what I did:

I started with a piece of fabric 3 inches wide x ~5 inches long and placed it behind the ends of my headband. {Note: you could sew your two ends from each side together, like what Ceara did with glue, but I did not do this.}

I then wrapped my ends with the extra piece of fabric and pinned it in place.

Finally I sewed across my extra piece of fabric. {Note: make sure your stitching is catching all of the ends, especially if you did not sew the two end pieces together.}

Done! Dosen't it look great? : )

Not only is this a perfect headband for cleaning and grocery shopping, but it also looks good when dressed up!

Thanks Ceara of DIY Confessions for this great tutorial! Since I featured you feel free to grab the button below:

If anyone has a tutorial they would like me to try {and maybe feature!} please leave a link in the comments! 


  1. Really cute idea, Stephanie. I often make headbands for my grandgirls but have not tried this one- xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I think these would be great to make for your granddaughters!!