Friday, August 16, 2013

DIY Stamped Fabric

I've had this idea for awhile to make my own patterned fabric. After seeing Line Across' post on Make Your Own Stamps, I knew I wanted to stamp some fabric! Here is how I did it:

What you need:
  • Plain Fabric {I used a white sheet}
  • Craft Foam {thickest you can find}
  • X acto Knife
  • Wood Block
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Sponge Brush
For the stamp's shape I had this broken chevron idea that I wanted to try. To make it I first drew a chevron {arrow?} on paper, then cut it out. Next I traced the chevron shape onto my craft foam and cut out the craft foam shape.

I didn't want the final stamped piece to be solid. Instead I wanted it broken up with vertical lines. I wasn't quite sure how to do this, so I played around with my foam. This is what I ended up doing:

First I drew lines in the craft foam shape, cutting only half way through the foam.

Then on every other "line" I grooved out the foam.

Finally, I glued my craft foam shape to a thin piece of wood. {I found the wood at Michael's.}

Now that I had my stamp, the fun part began!

I choose grey paint, painted it onto my stamp with my sponge brush, then stamped away!

This is the finished product:

It isn't exactly as I had envisioned but not too bad! I wanted a lighter grey but the dark looks good too!

On Monday I will show you all what I made with my stamped fabric. : )


  1. I was just thinking about painting some stripes on my curtain but I like the texture of a stamp much better. Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features this week and link up this post (and others)!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. :) I will definitely stop by and link up on Friday.

  2. This is great!! DO you have to use specific fabric paint or will acrylic paint work??

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    Karla @

    1. Thanks. : ) I just used acrylic paint but its not washable. If you want your fabric to be washable you have to add a fabric medium such as this:

      I'll definitley stop by your blog and check out your Friday link party!

  3. Oooh- I really like your twist on the chevron pattern. The grooves really add texture and interest to the print! Thanks for sharing! This method seems like it would be great for other shaped stamps as well.

  4. The design possibilities are endless with this technique! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing at the Fluster Buster Party! Lizy your party co host!