Monday, August 19, 2013

Sewing Mondays - Recovered Bins

To help encourage myself to practice sewing as much as I can, I came up with "Sewing Mondays". This will be a chance for me to show you all the tutorials I have tried, my resulting product, and what I thought of the tutorial {I promise all comments will be nice!}. Maybe I will even become proficient enough to post my own tutorials! {Baby steps first, though.} To start out, I'll post a Sewing Mondays post every other week, but if I really get the sewing fever, maybe I'll post every week!

Happy Monday everyone! This week's Sewing Monday tutorial is Recover Plain Wal-Mart Storage Bin from I Can Find The Time.

I have a ton of these Wal-Mart type bins all over my apartment. They are great for organization but are awfully ugly!

Luckily I came across this great tutorial from I Can Find The Time. Here is what I was starting with:

Pretty plain and ugly, huh?

I Can Find The Time's tutorial was very straight forward. First you take the cover off your old bin and take off the velcro. Then you seam rip the four sides leaving the bottom still attached to the sides. Using the old cover as the pattern, you trace the pattern out of the new fabric, then sew it back together with the new fabric. Pretty easy, right?!

I made 2 bins this way using plain grey fabric. However, I made a third bin slightly different. For this bin I wanted to use my DIY Stamped Fabric. Since my new fabric had a pattern I wanted to cut out all the pieces individually. So I went back to my old fabric "pattern" and cut off the bottom. Then I traced each side out of my DIY Stamped Fabric and traced the bottom piece out of plain white fabric {since it wouldn't be seen}. Finally I sewed everything back together.

I love the finished product!

Here they are all together on a shelf. They look much better with their new covers!

I Can Find The Time's tutorial instructions were very clear and easy to follow. This is a great way to liven up some plain storage bins and even a beginner sewer could do it!

Thanks I Can Find The Time for this great tutorial! Since I featured you feel free to grab the button below:

If anyone has a tutorial they would like me to try {and maybe feature!} please leave a link in the comments!  

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