Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!! I don't know why but I've been over sleeping this week. Maybe the cool nights are very conducive to my sleeping? Who knows, but I'm glad it's Friday so I can sleep in tomorrow! 

Tomorrow Chris and I are checking out our first wedding venue! I'm pretty excited about this venue, but its Chris' least favorite. So we'll see how that goes! We have five more after this one to check out. And since we are doing this very early {like 2 years in advance!} we have plenty of time to check out more before we make a decision.

Okay Friday Favorites time! Here are my internet find favorites from this week:

Its almost October, which means time to put out some pumpkins! I love these pumpkins but they are a little too fancy for my fall decor this year. However, I think they would be great for a halloween party!

Speaking of fall decor, I love this table scape. The chalk board table runner is awesome! I feel like the neutral tones are very popular this year and I will be doing something similar.

I love mason jars. {Seriously, who doesn't!} When is saw these I thought they were beautiful. They would be perfect for a wedding or as a centerpiece in your house. I think they would be easy to make, just paint and sand. It would be really fun to use chalkboard paint with these. : )

Cake toppers, love them! In slightly different colors they would go perfect with the above mason jars.

Here are more neural fall decorations. If I had a nice front porch I'd love to do something similar. My heart just swoons at white pumpkins!

For some reason I love everything about this room! The grey couch, perfect, can go with everything. The herringbone wood coffee table, uh, can I have one. The pillows, love! I basically want this to be my living room. It looks so bright and inviting.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. These are such great fall ideas! I am so not ready for fall. Good luck on finding a wedding venue!