Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Package Pals

In August I participated in Package Pals hosted by the lovely ladies of CRAFT and Stars & Sunshine! It's where you get a "pal" and you send goodies to each other, whether it be craft supplies, a made craft, craft book, etc... 

I was so excited to be apart of this exchange as I loved having pen pals as a kid. And this idea, that pen pals exchange crafty packages, genius! 

I was actually paired up with one of the hosts, Julia of Stars & Sunshine. We emailed back and forth explain who we are, our crafty interests, and what we like. It was a challenge but I had a ton of fun putting together her package. 

The day my packaged arrived I was a little giddy, acting like a kid on christmas. This is what was in my package:

Everything was wrapped very nicely.

She made this embroidery art that I love! {Ironic that I posted about my own embroidery art yesterday, huh? Great minds think alike, though hers is way more advanced then mine!} I told her that I have a biology degree and I work in a research lab. She nailed the science thing with this art!

I found this little package that said "OPEN ME!"

When I opened it, needles with little beads attached spilled out! I also told her I love to sew... she nailed it again!

Fabric... perfect!

And finally, she made me a little zippered pouch. With. My. Name. In. Elements! It's like she knows me! She totally nailed my science, nerdy side.

The inside of the pouch was a pretty green. {With fabric that sort of looks like bacteria. : ) }

Julia's package was perfect she nailed both my crafty and sciencey side! I hope she likes her package just as much. If they host another Package Pals, I'm totally signing up again.

If you guys would like to see other packages click on the Package Pals logo at the top. It will send you to a link party.


  1. What fun! I love it when someone totally "gets you" and sends things you love- xo Diana

  2. The zippered pouch with your name in Elements is just amazing! :)


  3. That little bag with your name in elements is too cute! Thanks for participating August PP!

  4. So cool! I love getting stuff in the mail!

  5. The thought that went into this is amazing! I love it all, beautiful work :)