Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{Guest Post} DIY Abstract Art

Hey everyone, I'm excited to have Kayla from Home Coming as a guest blogger today! Take it away Kayla:

Hi everyone! I'm Kayla from Home Coming and I'm pretty darn excited to be a guest here at Simply Dream & Create! I'm a DIY and home blogger, who teams up with my carpenter husband (Justin). We both have a lot of love for updating a house on a budget. Justin is a carpenter by day (so he's handy) and I'm in advertising (so I'm creative), so we're the perfect team for taking on the task of updating our 1920's Minneapolis house. Check out the progress we've made on our home and other DIY projects here!

Today I'm talking about DIY wall artwork. I'm a firm believer in affordable design and decor for your house and would never pay top dollar for designer anything. And since I consider myself an amateur artist, I'm here to share how to simply paint a beautiful piece of abstract, modern art.

DIY Wall Art
I got my inspiration from this piece that was on a One Kings Lane sale in September. It is by an amazing artist named Kristy Gammill, and was selling for around $230. Her work really is amazing, but I just can't afford the price tag for my little fixer-upper house.
DIY Wall Art Inspiration

Back in our apartment days, Justin made me a few large canvases which we painted solid colors to bring some brightness into our apartments without needing to ask permission of the landlord to paint the walls.

Color in Apartment

They worked out perfectly throughout our several years of apartment living, but now that we're in our house again, they didn't serve a purpose.  Instead they hung out in our downstairs storage room, doing nothing but collecting dust.


So, with the re-purposed 47" x 41" homemade canvas, two medium-sized paint brushes and a bunch acrylic paint (which I buy from Micheal's) I set out to painting.

DIY Wall Art Paint
DIY Wall Art Brushes

This style of painting is a very simple one to achieve since there really isn't a wrong way for the final piece to look. And for any novices out there, here are a couple of tricks to the trade:

 - In order for the colors to blend together nicely, you need to work quickly. This blending happens only if all the paint is wet.  In order to achieve this quickness, I mixed the majority of my colors before I started painting.

- I'm typically a perfectionist, but with a painting like this you want to move quickly and without abandon. There is no wrong way of painting this, so use smooth brushstrokes, wherever your mood takes you.  Have fun with it!!

DIY Art Close Up

- Keep your brushstrokes all in one direction.  I only painted up and down to ensure that my lines were all smooth and uninterrupted.

 - Make it your own! I loved the colors of the painting, so decided to keep the majority of the painting very similar to the real one, but added in some navy to tie back to the color palette of the room that I'll be putting this in.

 - Hot pink is a really hard color to mix. So while I mixed all of my other colors with red, blue, yellow, white and black, I decided to purchase hot pink paint to save myself the trouble. 

DIY Abstract Art

And that's my final piece! Overall, it took me about 90 minutes to paint and was a ton of fun! I love working on projects in which there is no right or wrong. So carefree!

I hope you all come back to visit in December when we're finally done with our Master Suite remodel and you can see this piece of DIY modern art, and others, hanging in my brand new master bedroom!

And a special thanks to Stephanie for having me!

Thanks so much Kayla! This seems like a simple way to make personal art. I may have to try it!

If you'd like to be a guest blogger on Simply Dream & Create please e-mail me at simplydreamandcreate(at)gmail(dot)com. : )



  1. I love this! It looks great and is a great way to fill up space!

  2. Hi Kayla and Stephanie!
    What an awesome DIY paint project. I absolutely love how your painting turned out and the best part is that it is oopsy-free! Great job Kayla! Thanks for sharing.

  3. that looks ridiculously gorgeous! well done! my diy art looks like a child did it!

  4. Wow, such vibrant colors! Love it!

    Val @