Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY Tree Skirt

Last year I planned on making a new skirt for our Christmas tree but I didn't get around to making it till this year. I had also planned on sharing this tutorial with you before Christmas but that also didn't happen. I thought I'd share it with you all this year anyway, so that you all will have it for next year! Here is how I made my DIY tree skirt:

What you need:
  • Two table cloths 
  • Tree skirt form
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread and Scissors

While shopping at Target last year during the after Christmas sale I found table cloths on sale. I bought two of them, a round one {the sliver} and a rectangular one {the red}. I knew they would be perfect for my DIY tree skirt!

First I using my old tree skirt as the pattern, I cut out the tree skirt circle out of my red fabric {because I had more of it}.

I wanted my skirt to be ruffled with layers. So I cut a strip of fabric from the long edge of the rectangular, red table cloth. I used the edge because I was lazy and it was already finished, I didn't want to hem my fabric. : )

Next I sewed a line using a long stitch down the cut edge of the red strip. I then tugged on the backside thread to ruffle my strip. I ruffled it till it fit on the bottom edge of the tree skirt form.

I pinned the ruffled strip onto the tree skirt form {this is two layer of ruffled strips}.

And sewed the ruffled strip on to the tree skirt form. Be sure to sew below your first line.

I continued doing this, moving up the skirt, till my tree skirt form was completely covered. I ended up using 4 strips and alternated the two colors.

To finish the inside edge of the skirt, I folded sliver ribbon over and sandwiched the inside edge in the ribbon. I pined the ribbon and sewed close to the edge of the ribbon.

Finally I added two ties to the long open edge of the skirt. I did this by pinning two, 14 inch long ribbon on the wrong side of both edges. I then sewed them into place by sewing back and forth many times.

That's it!

The bottom ended up not being that ruffly because I need most of the length to fit, but it became more ruffly towards the top. I still love it! It really turned out better than I expected!

I hope this has inspired you all for next year!

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