Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crochet Cowl

We are having record breaking low temperatures here in Cincinnati and I'm sure most of you are also experiencing the cold! Today's tutorial is perfect for this cold weather... a crochet cowl! I've seen lots of them around and I've been wanting to make one for myself. Here is what I did:

 What you need:
  • Yarn {worsted weight 6}
  • Hook {size P}
  • Scissors 
  • Buttons {I used two but you can use as many as you like}
  • Blunt Needle 

I have pictured two skeins of yarn but I only ended up using one. 

  • CH- chain
  • ST- stitch
  • TC- treble crochet
1. CH 19

2. TC in the 4th CH.  Repeat until you reach the end. CH 3, turn.

3. TC in every TC until you reach the end. CH 3, turn.

4. Repeat step 3 until you get the desired cowl length. Weave in ends. 

Once your cowl is the length you like, you are ready for the buttons. Sew your buttons on the long side of one of the ends of your cowl.

To complete the cowl, you will wrap the non-button end around and attach the short side with the buttons. This sounds a little confusing, but hopefully it makes sense with the pictures.

Please excuse the bad cowl display photos. I was going to use my sister as a model but she was sick. So I had to do it my self. Alone... : /

But even with bad photos the cowl itself turned out well!

This is such an easy project! Have fun making one!


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