Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!! First off I have a giveaway that's still going strong. It's for my blog's 2nd Blogiversary and if you haven't entered yet click the link below:

So what's going on with you all this weekend? Any fun plans? We've got nothing {besides my never ending project to do list}. 

Okay here are my favorite internet finds for this week:

I love a lot about this kitchen. First, the open shelving, it really helps to to make a kitchen feel bigger. Next, the white cabinets, I love a bright kitchen. Finally, the grey tiling, but I would do a herringbone pattern. {I so can't wait till I have a nice kitchen!}

Arrows are very "in" right now and I love them too! These earrings are so cute!

This bedroom looks so inviting and calming. Exactly what a bedroom should be. I love the neutral palette with the color pop {and this shade of green happens to be one of my favorite colors right now}.

Skeleton keys! I have loved these since I was a little girl. I'm hoping to incorporate them into my wedding. {Which by the way I have barley worked on. We are having an issue finding a venue. The main reason... cost! But I'm hoping by spring we'll have something. I'm sure I'll post an update, eventually...}

I love quotes that speak about loving who you are and embracing who you are. So of course I love this one. I need to hang it in my craft work space as a reminder. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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