Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to you all!! What's going on with everyone this weekend?

Sam, my younger sister, is moving in to her own apartment this weekend! And of course my parents, Chris, and I are all going to help her move. 

Story Time: Sam and I moved in together while I was a graduate student. Having done my undergraduate school in Columbus, moving to Cincinnati for graduate school meant I didn't have any friends to move in with. {I am from Cincinnati but lost contact with those I grew up with while going to college.} So instead of moving in with a stranger, it made since to move in with my sister. I'll tell you it wasn't always easy. There were many fights, but it made us closer in the end. 

After Chris and I had been dating for about a year we decide that we wanted to move in together. {We had been practically living with each other anyway}. So Chris and I moved in together and Sam moved back in with our parents to save money. Now she has saved enough to move out on her own! I'm very excited for her and can't wait to help her decorate her apartment! 

Okay here are my internet favorite finds of the week:

I love this outfit. Add some tights and this would even work for the current weather!

Ah, here is yet another kitchen I love. {Except those lights above the cabinets.} Those open cabinets are great!

Ampersand decor is pretty popular and is a great way to decorate for valentines day! This art piece is really inspiring me to make my own ampersand art!

The back of this dress is beautiful and it was a DIY! I may need to try this in the future. : )

How stunning are these balloons? Tulle + balloons = genius!! These would be perfect for many different occasions. {Wedding, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower...}

Have a great weekend everyone!

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