Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Valentine's day everyone! Any fun Valentine's Day plans? Chris and I don't have anything planned. I'm actually really not into celebrating this holiday. Chris will get my flowers or a card sometimes, but since we are saving for our wedding this year we aren't giving each other anything. I'd rather have a wedding anyway. ; )

Okay here are my internet favorite finds of the week:

How beautiful is this barn wedding scene?! I want something very similar for my wedding but with a tent instead of a barn. {I can't find a barn!} I'm absolutely loving those lanterns! 

Since it is Valentine's Day I had to share something related. I love how simple this heart art is. Beautiful.

The exposed beams in this bedroom are amazing! The white walls and neutral decor really help to make the beams stand out. Love it!

Simple and beautiful. This pillow would look great on a front porch. {I'm so loving gold right now!}

I'm constantly dreaming of my own crafting space/studio. I love the cleanness of this example, but I would add a soft color to the walls. I'm really hoping to push for a craft studio in our future home!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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