Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Glitter Heart Art

Hi all! Do you remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned the failed Valentine's Day craft? Well I'm here today with the finished project! My original idea was to use modge podge and glitter but it was a complete lost. I still think that way could work but I didn't have the correct materials and I didn't want to go get them. So here is how I made it instead:

What you need:

First I made my design using the Silhouette Studio. The two fonts I used were Lavanderia and Pharmacy.

I then cut out my design onto copper glitter paper using my Portrait.

Next, I removed the cut out glitter heart from the Portrait mat and glued it to a 12x12 piece of strong white paper.

Finally I framed it!

Simple and beautiful! I plan on adding this to my gallery wall.  After I finish a second project that I also plan on adding to the gallery wall, I will share a second gallery wall update. : )


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