Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heart & Arrow Garland

Hello all! I hope your Tuesday is going well. A few months ago I participated in a garland exchanged/ adoption fundraiser hosted by It's Just Emmy. Not only did I get to make and receive garlands, but I helped a good cause. A win win in my book! They recently had another exchange/fundraiser with a Valentine's Day theme that I participated in. So today I thought I'd share with you all how I made my garlands. Here is what I did for the first one:

What you need:
  • Cardstock Paper {I used pink and glitter!}
  • Cutting Machine {I used a Silhouette}
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread

First I cut out the hearts from pink paper and arrows from glitter paper. I did this by using my Silhouette Portrait.

Next I sewed my shapes together using my sewing machine. I wasn't sure if the arrows would make it through but they did. {Tip: if you are afraid of losing your arrows to your sewing machine place tissue paper under the arrow. I tried this and it worked well, but it wasn't necessary for me.}

That's it!

I hope my exchange partner likes it!

Tomorrow I will show you how I made the second garland, so be sure to stop by!


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  1. I would never have thought to use my sewing machine for this type of craft...very clever! Thank you for sharing! ~Lisa @ Practically Perfect Home