Monday, May 19, 2014

{Guest Post} DIY Beaded Chandelier


Hey all! Today I have a guest blogger, Olivia, here to share with you all a fun DIY project. First a short bio about Olivia:

Olivia Glendale is a 20-something year old mother of two, both under 2 years. When she’s not busy soothing tantrums and changing diapers, you can find her blogging with sass about home d├ęcor, organizing, and DIY projects at DIY Mother or compulsively pinning on Pinterest.

Remember when beaded chandeliers were popping up in the DIY community? The original inspiration came from Simply Salvage. After her chandelier got some traction, almost everyone tried to replicate it. Some people nailed it, while others probably threw theirs away as soon as it was done. Because, let's face it: sometimes, we can’t stand our finished DIY projects after working on it for 20+ hours. Anyway, ever since the beaded chandelier craze, I’d been wanting to make my own for my baby girls’ room using pony beads. It just screams childhood to me. I couldn’t find an “easy” tutorial except this dollar store version. So I decided not to follow any specific tutorial and instead, I just winged it. It ended up being more like a hybrid between the dollar store chandelier and a more complicated version. That’s why I’m titling this chandelier the super-easy-because-if-I-can-do-it-so-can-you high end/low end beaded chandelier. If you love the look as much as me, believe me when I say that you can do it in under a day. Check out how I did mine; and for more projects, check out DIY Mother!


Hanging basket
Aluminum wire
Clear jewelry cord (Mine was of the stretchy variety)
Beads (Lots of them. I ordered 5,000 and still had to go to the dollar store for more)
Vase filler (Or fancy expensive beads, up to you)
Spray paint Pendant kit (optional)

1. Spray paint the hanging basket whatever color you want. I wanted my chandelier to be two different shades of pink, with baby blue accents. Starting with the bottom of the basket, cut equal lengths of your beading wire/string and tie each around the circumference of the circle, about half an inch apart. You can adjust it later.

2. Start beading. This process will annoy you to no end. So start a Game of Thrones marathon and get ready to bead for 2 hours straight. Once you figure out the number of beads it takes to reach the top of the basket, use that number every time. If it helps you, sort out your groups of beads beforehand, that way you don’t have to count over and over.


3. When you’re done, find something to act as a “border” for the mouth of the basket. I wrapped burlap around the mouth of my basket.


4. Using aluminum wire (or a hanger-be safe!), wrap it around the three chains, bringing them together in a bunch.


I bought 8 packs of party beads from the dollar store at this point, because I ran out of pony beads. This is the point when the dollar store tutorial came in handy. Spray paint your beads and wrap them around the aluminum wire circle. See this video for a more detailed version. Hot glue the beads to the burlap and add some accents to the front of the burlap. I chose baby blue vase filler because I was already at the dollar store by this point.


083 (1280x853)

I chose not to turn this into a functioning chandelier light because it’s going up in my daughter’s “dressing room”. I will probably end up using the pendant kit for another project, but for now I need to take a nice, long break from DIY.

Thanks for the great DIY tutorial Olivia! The chandelier turned out great!

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