Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY Geometric Gold-Painted Frames

Hi all! I know I haven't shared a tutorial in awhile. We have been very busy now that the weather is finally nice out. But I'm getting myself back on track and I'm here today to show you my latest DIY craft!

I feel like I'm constantly adding to and changing each room of our apartment. The room I've been fixating on lately is our living room. I've been bored with the decor and colors in that room, so I've decided to change up a few things!

A few weeks ago I shared an update of our gallery wall. To add some pizzazz to the living room, I added gold to the gallery wall. I loved the gold so much that I decided to add it to other places in our living room. First spot, frames! Here is what I did:

What you need:

  • Spray paint {I used blue and gold}
  • Frame
  • Painters tape

First, I spray painted my frame blue.

Next I wanted to add gold to the frame; to do this I used the painters tape. I wanted a simple geometric design that split the frame in half. So I lined the tape on two opposite edges following the angle of the edge. Be sure to completely cover the part of the frame you don't want gold whether it be with the tape or something else {trust me, I learned this the hard way}.

Once the frame was taped, sprayed it with the gold paint.

And done! {A seriously easy project. : ) }

Not too bad for my first time using painters tape. And I love how it adds a touch of gold to my living room. : )

Oh and the photo in the frame is of Chris, his dad, and brother. It's hard to see but he is the cute little ginger. ; )

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