Thursday, June 19, 2014

{Guest Post} DIY Landscape Gardening

Hey all! Today I have a guest blogger, Ella Andrews, here to share with you all great tips on landscape gardening! First a short bio about Ella:

Ella Andrews is dedicated blogger and freelance writer, with great flair for home maintenance projects. She likes helping homeowners and housewives conquer every kind of additional ideas and tips for managing their every-day household activities. Her greatest inspiration are any kind of interior design, home decorating and remodeling matters.

Take it away Ella!

Landscape gardening is the art of making gardens look more natural and attractive, it is about creating an inviting outdoor environment. It is now accepted that the garden is as important as the home and people will invest a lot of time and money making sure their garden looks impressive. You don't need to spend a great deal of money when designing a landscape but it is not simply about making your garden look nice and tidy it is about adding colour and texture to make a garden look its very best. The best landscape gardens are the ones that have been well thought out.

In order to achieve the landscape look, take a picture of your garden and consider what you want to achieve. What do you want in your garden? What are your colour preferences? What type of plants do you like and dislike, what is your budget? Think of your garden in an artistic way, what setting should you go for? Ideally it should blend with and enhance the natural environment. Ideas for your garden can include a water feature. Some people like to include a secluded sitting area, perhaps a greenhouse takes your fancy or even planting a herb garden. Consider a pergola, a garden pond - think of the wildlife that would visit it! Naturalistic woodland planting and wild flowers are fashionable. Why not add a lighting scheme which can give the whole of the garden a very atmospheric effect especially in the evening. Lighting is very popular nowadays and come in a variety of designs. Walk around your garden in the dark making notes of all places that need lighting! A rockery garden is popular as well as garden paving. You could create an ornamental orchard sourced by your local garden centre! You could even plant an array of exotic plants. Hot tubs continue to be popular. Consider extensive planting in a variety of colours. Create a focal point! What about limestone paving? Plant borders with extensive use of hardy perennials and mixed evergreen shrubs. 

Get your landscape designs from gardening magazines or books. There are a host of products to make designs exciting and innovative. This will help you choose a layout for your new garden. Create a plan of your ideas including the plants you want. What you want is a garden that is relatively easy to maintain but at the same time achieving a striking style. You want plants to include year round interest so consider evergreen plants so there is colour all year round in your garden. Be thoughtful when it comes to the planning and be economical, buy plants from the Garden Centre when they are young and let them grow. Before you go to garden centre work with what you have already. Give yourself a time scale to complete the project and try to stick to it.

A general tidy up of the garden will also have to take place to include reduction and shaping of mature trees. When planting flower beds, you should put the tallest plants in the back and the shortest in the front row. Add more colour to the garden by painting a wall or fence and plant pots. Play with colour contrast! Select planting according to time of bloom, this can increase enjoyment of the garden throughout the year. You don't want to short-change your property by not doing the garden justice so be as ambitious as you can.

When you have completed your new garden you will have increased the value of your home and property not only bringing value to your home but to your lifestyle as well.

For more tips, go to: landscape gardening Pimlico 

Thanks for all that great gardening information, Ella!


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