Thursday, June 5, 2014

{Guest Post} Green Cleaning -- A Good Idea, but is it a Help or a Hindrance?

Hey all! Today I have a guest blogger, Mark Long, here to share with you all the benefits of green cleaning! First a short bio about Mark:

Mark Long is a freelance writer with many articles on various topics to his credit.  He has made the field of green cleaning a particular specialty and has written articles on how to deal with carpet cleaning kings or big companies like the ones doing commercial cleaning in Brisbane or other big cities.

While the benefits of green cleaning are heralded through the world now, it wasn't always this way.  Many people looked upon protecting the environment as unnecessary and too troublesome.  Some people in today's busy world still look at green cleaning as just too time consuming and inconvenient.  When green cleaning first became popular it took root mostly in the home because carpet cleaning businesses felt that they had to become kings in cleaning carpets to be able to afford to convert their companies to green products and methods.

That was soon proved untrue and today green cleaning is a booming business in and of itself.  So here are some of the pros and cons of green cleaning:

Green Cleaning For the Home Advantages

1.  A healthier home atmosphere. If you go green, you and your family won't be breathing a toxic cocktail of chemicals or absorbing them into your skin, and neither will the person working for a carpet cleaning service if you hire one.

2. By going green a cleaning company in any big city, such as one doing commercial cleaning in Brisbane, will be able to cut back on their expenses by a large amount of money.

3.  The more green cleaning catches on, the safer cleaning products become.  Cleaning products that are not green can cause injuries such as chemical burns to the cleaner's skin and eyes.  Green cleaners are not corrosive and are held to strict standards for health and safety.

4.  The quality of the air will improve because there won't be any powerfully strong chemicals odors.  Many green cleaning products contain pleasant natural essential oils that aren't harmful in any way.

5.  Another factor in favor of green cleaning for the home is that unlike with commercial cleaning lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar can be used to do the work of the more expensive and unhealthy products.  This means the cost of cleaning your home can go down a lot.

Green Cleaning Companies Disadvantages

1.  Some of the green cleaning companies out there are just in the business to make a quick buck on a new trend.  They want to become kings in cleaning carpets, etc.  They fail to use the proper products either through ignorance or deliberate neglect, and essentially you, if you're not careful you can end up paying for service you aren't getting.

2.  There are some cases in which green cleaning can take longer and mean more work than using the regular products out on the market, but these are rare.

So these are the facts.  When it comes to green cleaning the benefits really far outweigh the negatives.  And it hasn't turned the world upside down and made things more complicated, expensive, or troublesome the way that people feared in the beginning and the uninformed insist it does now.  Remember that nothing is foolproof or completely without problems, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. So don't hesitate to get on the bandwagon and start your green cleaning without worrying that it may be a decision you'll regret.

Thanks for all that great information Mark!

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