Thursday, July 3, 2014

{Guest Post} One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure: DIY Projects

Hey all! Today I have a guest blogger, Kate Chamile, here to share with you all how to reuse trash in some awesome ways! First a short bio about Kate:

Kate is a cleaning and DIY enthusiast. Finding new purposes of old thing is her expertise.

Take it away Kate!

Life is a weird thing. Some stuff that we have is totally unnecessary to us but others consider it a great bargain. There are things that we have and are negligent of that other people yearn to have.

When they clean, most of the people usually dispose of their trash, not knowing that they can make something beautiful from it. But there are people who like being creative. They make amazing decorative stuff from trash that can be used for different purposes.

In this article we are going to show you that the things you throw away can be re-used. We've provided three decoration projects made from bottles. Get inspired and share if you like it.

How to make: Plastic container

Tools and materials you need:

·      Scissors
·      2 plastic bottles (preferably of 2 litres)
·      Crushed decorative sea shells (or other decorating materials of your choice)
·      Zip fastener
·      Super glue
·      Sewing pins
·      A needle and thread
·      Erase marker

How to make it:

Draw a line around the first bottle using the erase marker. With the scissors cut the bottle following the line you just drew. Repeat for the other bottle. Next, use the sewing pins to stick the zipper to the edge of the bottle half. Now sew the zipper. When you are done, you can remove the pins.

Now unzip the zipper. It is time to sew the upper part to the second bottle half.

That's it.

Zip the zipper and your container is ready to use. If you like you can decorate your new container using decorating stuff like crushed seashells and coloured paper, gluing it to the outside of the bottle.

Things you can store:

·      Coins
·      Snacks
·      Rubber bands
·      Safety pins
·      Buttons

How to make: Flower pot

Tools and materials you need:

·      Coloured plastic bottles of the same size
·      Decorative paper
·      Decorative materials
·      Scissors
·      Glue
·      Drawing pencils

How to make it:

First, you are going need one transparent plastic bottle. Draw a line in the middle of the bottle along the perimeter of the label. Using scissors cut the bottle in halves. You are going to need the bottom part. Use pencils to draw flowers or other stuff on the bottle.

Next, take another plastic bottle. It can be green, blue, yellow... whatever you have at hand, but it has to be coloured. Again, draw a line in the middle of the bottle following the label. Then cut the bottle in halves and keep the one with the neck. Using a sharp tool make tiny holes along the entire surface (as you know regular flower pots have holes at the bottom).

Take the two halves and place the one with the neck in the other, the cap facing the bottom of the transparent bottle. Your flower pot is ready to use. Fill it with soil and plant some seeds.

You can choose a variety of other ways to decorate the transparent half of the pot by gluing coloured paper or crushed seashells, etc. It is a matter of taste.

How to make: Bottle light

Tools and materials you need:

·      Plastic bottles
·      SW LED light module

How to make it:

This one is very easy and fast. It only takes a little effort and is a great idea for decoration.

Use empty plastic bottles. Squeeze each of them randomly. Next, take the light modules and attach the bottles to them.

You are ready. You can now enjoy colourful light in the room. It can add an amazing atmosphere in the house, especially if you like throwing parties occasionally. Your friends will love it too.

Next time you are cleaning or using the services of a company like se13 deep clean service for that, examine thoroughly the clutter. Don't be in a rush to clear the stuff and be sure to set aside some of the things. They might be turned into something really beautiful. It is a good idea to start cleaning now.

Thanks Kate! I'm going to be looking at my trash in a whole new way now!


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