Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Something Sweet


This is post is apart of Shari's Berries campaign to spread stories about Something Sweet.

Here is my story about something sweet that recently happened to me:

Last December, near Christmas, I was out Christmas shopping when I got a phone call from Chris. He asked if I had ordered anything from Bed, Bath, and Beyond for us or as a gift for someone else. I said no. He said, well there is a big box here from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. What?! I thought, well it is Christmas-time and there are lots of packages being shipped. Maybe the post office messed up.

So I asked Chris who was the box addressed to and what was the address? It was my name and our address! What?! Now I was truly confused. Well open it I told him, let's see what it is. So he opened it, I'm still on the phone with him by the way, driving. Chris discovers that it is a Keurig!

I was so baffled. Who bought us a Keurig? Is it really for us? Chris then found a little note with the paper work from Bed, Bath, and Beyond which said To Steph and Chris, Merry Christmas, From Marnie. Marnie is a co-worker and friend of mine!

A few weeks prior to this, Marnie and I where chatting at lunch. I was talking about our morning routine at home. Chris would get up, get ready for work, then go to the gas station to buy his coffee even though we had a coffee maker. He was either too lazy or ran out of time to make it at home. I was always a little annoyed by it because we could save a little money by making it at home. And since I'm a tea drinker, he just did his own thing. I also told Marnie that in the mornings I have to heat up a kettle of water for my tea, which makes it so hot that I really can't drink it till I get to work {a half hour away}! This is why she got us a Keurig.

So of course the next day I bombarded her. I asked her why she got us a gift, especially since she is Jewish and doesn't celebrate Christmas. She said that she likes to give gifts and it was a way to show her thanks for my help at work and a just-because-we-are-friends gift. Chris and I thanked her a ton. We absolutely love our Keurig, Chris can have coffee and I can have tea instantly!

I was so touched that she thought of us and spent that much money. It made me happy to think that nice, caring people are in the world who love to give. It makes the world such a better place!

I want to thank Sherri for asking me to be apart of this great campaign. If you have a sweet story I'd love to hear it. To quote Sherri "There's so much sweetness in the world so why not share it!"

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