Thursday, September 4, 2014

My DIY Wedding: Venue & Layout

Hi all, happy Thursday! Lately I've been a bad DIY/craft blogger who hasn't worked on any projects. : (  So while I work on some new DIY projects I thought I'd start a new series about my wedding!

I do plan on doing lots of DIY project for the wedding, but I'm not going to share any of the tutorials until after the wedding. For now I thought I'd share my planning and vision for the wedding.

Today I'm going to talk about the venue and overall layout of the wedding.

First the venue: it's my parents house! We looked at many different venues, but we just couldn't find a place that fit us. So I brought the idea to my parents about having it at their place and after some consideration they agreed it would work.

My parents house is actually very small. They have about 3/4th of an acre of land so we decided to put a tent up in the backyard and only have guests in the tent. The house will be off limits to the guests {only for the wedding party}. Since it is a small backyard wedding we did have to trim the guest list from 130 to 70. We also have a small budget so having it at my parents and limiting the guest list is really going to help us financially.

Here is a drawing of my parents backyard. {I drew it and I'm definitely no artist but I did have fun with it. : )}

This is how the wedding is going to flow:

Guest will enter through the courtyard {there is a fence surrounding the courtyard and guest will enter through a gate}. On one side of the courtyard will be a small tent/awning with a table for the gifts and guestbook. On the other side my mom has this cute little bistro table and chair set. We plan on taking our formal pictures in the courtyard because of the bistro set and the garden.

Guest will then continue onto to the deck. On the deck will be a lounge area {I'll share my ideas next week} and high top tables. We envision this area as a "hang out during cocktail hour" place.

Next guests will walk past the deck down the side walk. On the right of the side walk will be the patio with more seating {a nice patio set my parents have}. Past the patio, before the food tent, we plan on having out door games such as giant jenga, giant checkers, and cornhole.

Under the food tent there will be the dessert table, the buffet, and the bar. Once the guest walk past the food tent they will turn left and see the big tent.

As guests continue around the garage they will see signs for the bathroom. Since my parent's house is going to be off limits we decided to rent a nice port-a-potty as the bathroom. When you think port-a-potty you think gross, right? Well there are nice ones too:

See, not bad! The bathrooms will be at the end of the driveway. There is a fence there with a big car-sized gate that will be open for the bathrooms.

For the tent we have two layouts planned dependent on weather. First plan:

This is the no rain, perfect day plan. We will have the the dinner tables and DJ table under the tent with the dance floor outside of the tent, in between the tent and the garage.

Plan two:

If it rains we will place the dance floor inside the tent. The size of tent that fits the backyard will be plenty big for either plan.

Wow that was a lot!

Next week I will share our decorating and styling plans, so be sure to stop by. : )


  1. Thanks Stephanie for the ideas and layout. My son is get married next summer at our house so I appreciate the info. Looking forward to your other posts on your wedding.

    1. Thank you! And good luck with planing your son's wedding. : )