Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My DIY Wedding: Design & Style {Part 2}

A couple months back {before I went blogging MIA!} I started a mini series about my wedding called My DIY Wedding. I plan on doing lots of DIY project for the wedding, but I'm not going to share any of the tutorials until after the wedding. For the mini series though, I thought I'd share my planning and vision for the wedding.

I've already shared my Venue & Layout and Design & Style {Part 1}

Today I'm going continue the mini series by to talking more about the design and styling of my wedding.

When it comes to traditions Chris and I really don't mind breaking a few. I want as much time as possible for partying and dancing, so we are cutting a lot of traditions out. One such tradition is the wedding cake. In stead of a cake we plan on asking our friends and family to bring desserts with them {my mom and I are going to bake some as well, in case no one brings any}. I thought it would be a fun way for our guest to contribute to our wedding.

The desserts will then be displayed on a dresser, like this.

It's going to look so pretty! : )

I love skeleton keys and I wanted to incorporate them into our wedding as they fit with the backyard/garden style. One way is going to be with our invitations. The other is using them as escort cards. A skeleton key will be tied to a tag with the guests name on it and their table assignment. The keys will then be hung on a frame with hooks like this, but we will probably change the wording.

Finally, my favorite part, the decorations for the tables and tent!

On the tables I want one box of flowers {the paper ones I'm making} and lanterns.  Somewhat like this.

But we will probably have three smaller lanterns. Also we might put some champagne painted mason jars and votives on the tables as well.

The tent! I want garland hanging from the tent like this.

Our tent is rectangle not round like the one above but the idea is the same. We are going to have Christmas lights and garland hung similarly but the garland is going to be a little different.

I want ribbon garland, like this!

I plan on making something similar to the looping ribbon garland shown above but with various champagne type colors.

Lastly in the middle of the tent I plan on making and hanging these.

All they are are coffee filters on string! And they look beautiful!

As I'm sure you can now see I have lots to do! And I will have a lot of DIY tutorials that I can't wait to share.

Next week I will be sharing what the wedding party will look like, so be sure to stop by!

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