7 Tips On How To Live With Cat Allergies


You’re either a cat person or a dog person. Not too many people I know are both. We love both cats and dogs but you’d be surprised to know that cat allergies are quite common. There are lots of people who are allergic to cats. If you are one of them, you might know this already. But if you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to get a skin test or a blood test. The good news is it’s possible for allergy sufferers to continue living with cats as long as you set some rules for yourself and your feline pet. We thought we’d put together a cheeky little list for our friends who have cat allergies!! Here are 7 tips on how to live with cat allergies.

cat allergy tips

1- Always carry antihistamines with you

Make sure you have a stock of antihistamines at home and bring your anti-allergy medications with you, wherever you go. Stock at home and keep a few in your purse as you never know when they will come in handy. You might have friends who own a cat. There will be times when you might have to visit and the medications will come in handy.

2- Invest in the best pet hair vacuum you can afford

Cleaning up cat fur can aggravate your condition so if you suffer from cat hair allergies, it’s worth investing in a machine that will do the job well. Sucking up those stubborn strands of cat hair can make all the difference to your level of comfort, so make sure you do your research and purchase the best pet hair vacuum your budget will allow.  A good tip is to pick the best vacuum for carpet, even if you don’t have a lot of carpet as it’s likely to be the type of vacuum that will suck up the loose cat fluff causing your eyes to water and your sinuses to puff up!

3- Choose hard chairs over soft ones

The couch can be very, inviting but soft seats are usually where cats like to sleep. If you will be visiting someone with a cat, most likely, even if there’s no visible cat hair, there’s dander and allergens stuck in these plush sofas. Plastic or wooden chairs are less likely to hold allergens. These types of chairs can also be easily cleaned.

4- Keep your bedroom cat free

If you or anyone in your household owns a cat, just make sure that it doesn’t have access to your bedroom. To help keep your cat allergy under control, your bedroom should strictly be off-limits to your feline companion.

5- Use HEPA filters

Filter the air in your home because allergens can be in the air you breathe and you won’t even notice. They are smaller than pollens. Have these filters installed in your home and your car. There are also portable HEPA filters.

6 -Wash your hands

If you come in contact with a cat, wash your hands thoroughly. Some would even go to greater lengths such as taking a bath after exposure to cats.

7-Have someone else bathe and groom the cat

If you really have to keep a cat, never do the grooming yourself. If you can’t get someone else to do it for you, a groomer will never refuse to do it for a fee!

Cats are amazing, but, if you suffer terribly from cat hair allergy, you might even want to consider getting another pet. But if that’s not an option, there are ways to live with your cat without compromising your health.