How to make a duvet cover

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A duvet is a comforter that is slipped into a duvet cover. You can make this fast duvet cover from bedsheets, so your duvet will be as easy to look after as the sheets on your bed.

Lay the duvet on a large table on the ground and measure its width and length.

Take your duvet dimensions to the shop and buy two flat sheets marginally longer than the width and length dimensions of the duvet.

Duvets and level sheets vary in size so double check the sheets you buy are satisfactorily sizable to cover your duvet.

You need one standard weight zipper which is half the width of the completed duvet cover.

To cut and produce duvet cover, follow this brief list:

1 Center your duvet on the sheet, so the borders of the duvet are within the hemmed edges of the sheet.
2 Cut the sheet out the same size as the duvet, cutting off the excess cloth from the bottom, sides, and top. Should you need a bit more length, rip out the hems in on the top and bottom of each sheet and after that press the hems flat before cutting.
3 Using the original cut sheet as a pattern, cut on the next sheet the same size as the original sheet.
4 Add the zipper on one end of the duvet cover by using a centered zipper program. Then sew the rest together.

It’s not as difficult as you might think! But if it’s too much trouble check out these neat duvets here.

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