How to paint a vase – Brighten up a tired room

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I was searching for a way to rapidly brighten up our summer dining table yesterday, and this super fast DIY was born, with leftover paint samples to decorate glasses and vases to fill with garden blossoms.

I used a water-based emulsion paint to get a layered look.

I wanted a decoration which I could wash off later – if you wish to produce a permanent effect, use oil-based paint plus a primer.

I utilized vases from IKEA, inexpensive as chips just $2 each, along with a lovely clean, smooth shape like retro milk bottles.

Roughly mix your paints up – in my case a sky blue and pure white – and use masking tape to specify the area you wish to paint.

Layer on your paint, then apply your finger or brush to blend to produce the look that you want.

Peel away the tape after the paint has dried, and you are ready to move to the next stage.

Vases can look good in rainbow or with stenciled initials or motifs.

Handle the completed product carefully. Splashes of water will not damage your creation but when it’s freshly painted it can be susceptible to scratches and knocks.

To remove your paint just scrub in soapy water that is warm.

It’s a great way to brighten up a room and infuse a dash of color into a drab area. Here are more ideas on how to paint a vase.

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